Preparing for the Chop


In approximately three and a half weeks I will undergo surgery to remove both my breasts. Whilst I have tried to educate myself on what my body is about to go through to the nth degree, I’m pretty sure I have no idea how I’m going to feel.

I have always been pretty obsessed with my health and grateful for what my body can do.  From climbing trees as a child, dancing as a teenage show-off, teaching aerobics in my twenties to running marathons in my 30s.  So it goes without saying, the fact that the operation is going to stop me from doing pretty much anything for at least 2 weeks, and any form of physical activity for around 6, is a difficult prospect to face.  I realise that by having a preventative mastectomy, I’m potentially giving myself an extra 20 years, so it’s of course inconsequential.  But something I know I’m going to miss, all the same.

My boyfriend is also a little worried about the effect that lack of physical exercise and activity after the operation, will have on me.  He is well aware of the positive combination between my physical and my mental health.  The better I feel, the better equipped I am to deal with life’s curve balls.  And let’s face it I’m about to get a cannon ball fired in my direction.

So as the operation looms ever closer, my aim is to get my body and mind as strong as possible. The way I see it, the stronger and healthier I am, the better I will cope in the run up, I’ll be less stressed, and ultimately my body will recover better after the op. I’m not going to be an obsessive clean eater, but I’ve given up drinking for 4 weeks before the date – which also means I won’t miss the odd gym session thanks to a hangover, I’ll keep my diet healthy and I’ll meditate at least 3 times a week. So whilst I’ll miss drinking the beautiful wine that me and my boyfriend have accumulated from wineries throughout Australia, it’s a small and essential price to pay.

Countdown to the Chop – Healthy Checklist

–          No booze

–          5 x gym classes a week (including at least one core)

–          Meditate at least 3 x a week

–          Get lots of sleep!


Images sourced from Lorna Jane, Pinterest


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