Shopping for a Mastectomy: Part 1

One of the many wonderful things about the internet is the ability to connect with other people in similar situations to yourself. For me, I don’t know how I would have navigated this far without the support and advice from the women at Pink Hope And in the few short weeks since I started this blog, I have been lucky enough to come across some brilliant women  at different stages of their own BRCA journey, who are also using a the power of the keyboard to help make sense of the madness.

Planning is one of my strengths (and weaknesses), so it was a fantastic discovery to stumble across this fabulous blog post that outlines what you may need following a prophylactic, bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy… (snap).

Taking inspiration, and not needing much persuasion to go shopping,I decided to start preparing for the weeks after the operation. Starting at the the third item on my blogging friend’s list, heart shaped pillows for each arm pit.  Imagine my joy when I found these two little beauties for a mere $5 each, from the shopping mecca of all things you never knew you needed, Kmart!

heart pillows

I then moved round the store and up to the second item from the master list; over-sized button-down shirts.


Needless to say, my range of movement is going to be limited after the op, so the less I need to lift my arms the better. Both $19 from, you guessed it, Kmart. I wonder if I’ll be able to sell these to Mr F once I’m done with them?

We then move down the list to ‘other clothing’ and, not being a news reader, I’m going to need something baggy and easy to pull on and off, for my bottom half. So, with that exquisite criteria in mind, I opted for these fetching, ill-fitted sweat pants in this season’s gelato colours. Just $15 a piece.


An unexpected $78 later and not an item from Sports Girl in sight, I have begun my post operation preparation.

If you do see anyone walking around Sydney dressed like this,

looking good

please have patience with them.  Their fashion sense is not within their control.


6 thoughts on “Shopping for a Mastectomy: Part 1

  1. From the other side of the world, just so you know, I will be donning a similar men’s flannel shirt and peach-sorbet-colored drawstring sweatpants as well! You are not alone sister! You are not alone! I purchased most of my fashionable wardrobe for this event from Walmart and Old Navy! Somehow, dressing like a hobo is still expensive! Thanks for the post and good luck! 5 more days for me!

    • Hi Lauren Nicole. Thank you so much for your message. I actually like the sound of your peach-sorbet pants! I guess comfort is the priority for the next few weeks, at least. Good luck for the op! I’ll be thinking of you and sending lots of good vibes from this side of the world. All the best. x

      • One more day! I go tomorrow for the plastic surgeon to do her markings! Posted my list! Check out my peach sorbet sweatpants all the way to the left on the rack! Lol.. Thanks again for the vibes!!l I just hope they aren’t coming over in this snow I’m about to get here!

      • How are you feeling? I will check out your list and peach pants! Wishing you all the best. It’s the day you’ve been working towards so it’s a good day. The vibes are coming from 28 degrees C (or 82F) here in Aus so they are warm and sunny and very positive. Keep warm and post as soon as you are able. I’ll keep an eye out on your page for when you’re ready to communicate again. Whilst wearing your trendy pants, no doubt! xx

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