So I’m not going to have any boobs – do I really need a bra?

The answer is I don’t know just yet.


I’ve never really been one for fancy lingerie. Every once in a blue moon I will buy a pair of matching underwear, which very quickly becomes non-matching when I wear my new favourite bra 50 x more than the new matching pants. Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I’m a little partial to big, comfortable pants and knowing I’m about to undergo a radical change in breast size, I have held off buying new bras to replace my existing ones that are pretty much falling apart.

However, I am a planner and so questions as to, do I need bras for after surgery and how soon do I need them, are currently on my agenda.

What I do know?

  • I know I can’t wear anything with under-wire because of the wounds and stitches
  • I know I should get one that does up at the front as I’m likely to have limited movement in my arms

What I don’t know (and this is the long one)?

  • Do I wear a bra straight away? Some sources say you do and that I’ll need to sleep in one for a while? Other sources say it depends on the individual and what the surgeon advises
  • Will the hospital give me a bra or should I have a couple ready for the hospital?
  • Do I need to get a bra the size of where my reconstruction will end up or do I go conservative for more support?
  • And the one that’s flummoxed me: Once all is well and I have a new set of boobs, do I need to wear a bra ever again? Christina Applegate, who was diagnosed with cancer and then found she had a BRCA gene mutation made this claim on Oprah and I don’t really know how I feel about it.

Part of being a woman is wearing a bra and you never forget how happy, not to mention relieved you were when you could finally justify wearing one. And whilst I am a big fan of being able to go sans boulder-holder to the coffee shop on a Sunday morning, I’d don’t know how I’d feel about doing that on a daily basis. You never know, having my current boobies taken away from me, I may treat my new ones a little better and invest in something nice to carry them in.

Myself and Mr F are off to the plastic surgeon next week so I will endeavour to find out as much as I can.  In the meantime, I am impatient and love to be prepared, so I’m going to buy a couple… just in case.  I’ll come back and will show you what I decide upon and where I’ve found some good options.





2 thoughts on “So I’m not going to have any boobs – do I really need a bra?

  1. What type of breast reconstruction are you having? I think I saw you write somewhere that you’ll have expanders. I would hold off on buying any bras (or hold on to the receipts).

    I recently underwent a PBM with expander placement and was told by my plastic surgeon that I shouldn’t and will never have to wear a bra again (maybe a sports bra while exercising). From the support perspective, you won’t really need one if you do expanders/implants. This was the proverbial “cherry on top” for me! If you’re interested in more info/reason why, check out my blog post on the topic:

    Of course, every person and surgeon is different, so best to ask yours as you are planning on doing anyway.

    Wishing you the best in the upcoming weeks. I hope everything goes well and once you are on the other side, your recovery is speedy, smooth, and complication-free!

    • Hello Mogatos,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am having expanders. OK, I will hold onto the receipts, and maybe not buy as many as I was planning to! I love your post and that woman with her boobs in her pants almost made me spit my lunch out. It’s a comfort to know that this will never be me!

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope you too are doing well. How long are you since your op now? I’ll let you know what my surgeon says next week. To bra or not to bra?


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