Hospital Fashion

I am currently in hospital, not hiding! Despite not having any breasts at present, I’d still like to make an effort to look as nice as I can. So ladies and gentleman, with the help of my very talented photographer, Miss H Pike, I bring you, HOSPITAL HAUTE COUTURE:

Massage Socks:

massagelegsAmazing. You get these pre-op and they keep them on for about a day and a half. They massage one leg at a time and stop you from getting DVT. If only every Easy Jet or Tiger Airways plane had these installed.

Compression Socks:


If you act really healthy and show you can get up and walk around, they take the amazing massage socks away from you and give you these compression stockings. They do the same thing, just nowhere near as cool.

Rabbit Eye Mask:
eyemask eyemask2

They wake you up all the time here, especially during the first night, so the reality is you need to sleep when you can and this pretty thing helps.  It also doubles up as a head band and hides greasy fringes that can’t be washed for a few days. Find it at the Aussie King of night-time apparel, Peter Alexander

Drain Bags:


I was wearing these as bracelets on my wrist, until again, I got more mobile and they gave me some floral bags to carry them in. Not very attractive but I guess they are better than exposing the plastic sacks containing the contents of my arm pits?

Comfy, Brightly Coloured Pants from Bonds:



Avid readers will remember that I wanted to start each day in hospital with brand new, brightly coloured pants so I could begin the day in a positive fashion. Today I opted for purple and white stripes bikini briefs, brought to life with this shocking pink band.

Armpit Cushions:

pitbags pitbags2


The breast nurse left these for me. Not quite worked out what they are for. I think they make sure your drains don’t rub? I dunno, they are purple and shiny though so that’s nice.

Adult Baby Onesie:

OnesieI can’t really get anything over my head, so what better than this button up, adult onesie from, you guessed it, Peter Alexander. The pockets are also deep enough to carry my drain bags,which is supper helpful when getting in and out of bed to travel all of 3 feet to the toilet.

Knitted Bunny Headphones:


This was a present from work. I haven’t used them yet as I have been too busy pressing the morphine button and blogging about ridiculous topics to pass the time, but they go with the ensemble and people love them!

OK, that’s it from the hospital fashionista for now.  Hope you enjoyed my style tips from the surgical catwalk.


15 thoughts on “Hospital Fashion

  1. The photo of you modelling the rabbit eye mask reminds me of Frida Kahlo when she had one of her many operations… she was a brave lady too! Loving your blog – much love xxxx

  2. Hi Tricia,
    Sitting at home, reading a blog, about an amazing girl who has made a huge and courageous decision. Sending you hugs filled with love and wishes for a steady recovery. Helen, Keith, Jonathan, Laura and Bender XXXXX

  3. Hi Tricia, I just wanted to say, life is full of stories some fun and exciting and others hard. This is your story, no one expects anything from you, just for you to get through this and continue on your journey. I hope you get sleep and/or rest because it can make the difference to your state of mind (that I have experience with!). I hope day 5 his better for you and every day after. Love Helen x

  4. The onesie with the Rabbit Headphones – the fashion team want’s you as a case study! Loving your blog – please keep writing about fun and ridiculous things as well as some of those more serious topics!

  5. I just love this post.. It is so important to have a sense of humour about the most crazy things.. It is what keeps you sane when you are in the “middle” of it all.. I want to know where we’re my drain bags!!! That fashion accessory I missed out on …. 🙂

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