Oops, much better now: Day 4 Day and Day 5 Morning

Right, so you’ll be pleased to know, I am in much better spirits today. As I also was yesterday afternoon so apologies for that little dent in my spirits as I hit the wall of the Macquarie ward.


After pouring out my soul yesterday I had a nice visit from my two, no frills friends. This is not an insult to them or anything to do with their appearance. It’s due to the fact that they are two of my friends I know I don’t even have to speak to when they come or make any effort, so in short, no frills. They took me for breaky on the grass and we watched patients, hooked up to their IVs, puffing away on their cigarettes in the hospital amphitheater.


I am not one to judge, especially as when life throws you a hundred curve balls, sometimes a cigarette is the least of your worries. However, I am glad I knocked my once social habit on its head years ago. Especially as smokers have more chance of their nipples failing post-surgery due to poor blood circulation. (you may pick up that as well as bowel watch, I am also on my own private-ish nipple watch)

I then slept for a couple of hour’s yesterday afternoon.  The first time in the day, since surgery.  Bliss! Even on waking, with eyes full of smeg, I felt a heap better than I had that morning.

My two friends, northern K and German K came to visit in the afternoon. They brought with them a lovely zebra plant with the famous last words ‘you can’t kill this plant’… I have killed every plant that has been introduced to me in this way. Then more importantly, German K washed my hair and plaited it. This is important because:

I smell;


It’s been a good few days and I’ve only been able to wash with these wonderful, Bed in Bath wipes. They are essentially like baby wipes on speed. Massive! The packaging says, ‘for a complete bath’, which is a ‘complete lie’. Until the drains come out I can’t shower, so I have been festival washing any skin that hits the air. I still have the surgeon’s marker pen on my chest, as well as the black sticky marks where plasters have been. I have been wearing the same surgical socks for days, and whilst, as you know, I have been changing my pants daily (yesterday was luminous orange, today, turquoise) I am starting to hum. Thanks to the pesky drains coming out of my pits I can’t use deodorant and I’m too scared to try and shave them in case I catch something (small mercies that this is definitely wouldn’t be one of my breasts.)

Before the op I worried about how attractive my boyfriend would find me sans boobs. I hadn’t taken into consideration this might be mainly because I’m gross. A fact, which Mr F confirmed last night.

Bowel watch:

Day 5 and there is still no sign. This is now, the main question anyone is asking me. My pain is well under control, and so it seems, are my bowels.  Victorian control! Despite laxatives, multiple walks round the car park, stomach massages and a couple of squats, there is no movement. My stomach is so swollen it is now more prominent than my deflated chest. However, whilst I’m still able to breathe and not in pain, I’ll resist the urge to double dose on the laxatives.  Do not fear – I’ll keep you updated.

Drain gate:

Whilst it’s a bit minging, I fear it’s difficult for anyone to really understand what I mean when I say I have drains coming out of my armpit, so see below for a graphic visual. These lead into the cavity of my chest, where all the potentially cancerous tissue and fat has been removed and where my expanders are currently sitting behind my pectoral wall.


Blood coming out of the drains is a good thing because if blood collects in the cavity I have to go back under to open up my wounds again and the risk of infection is high. Also, as the Dr’s keep saying, it’s better out than in. However, before I can go home, and essentially before they can start filling up my expanders and giving me new boobs again, the drains need to run dry.


It is this area that is causing the delay. My right side is doing OK and the volume of blood and serum that collects in the bag each night (that they change at 12am) is decreasing. My left side on the other hand remains pretty heavy and the blood is darker. There is nothing wrong per se, as long as it’s draining out, but it does have to do its course before I can continue with mine.

Infection = bad! Especially with expanders as if this happens, they have to remove them and it could be a while before the reconstruction process can begin.

Day 5

So a day 5 begins my aims are as follows:

  • Walk
  • Read – I usually love reading, but have been too hyper until now to settle down with a good book
  • Meditate
  • Keep on an even keel…

9 thoughts on “Oops, much better now: Day 4 Day and Day 5 Morning

  1. Hey again! Even though I replied to your comment on my page, just noticed our drains seem different. I had two only and have heard some people have 4. I also had JP or “grenade” drains and they let me get them out once I was down to about a 30 cc or mL output per day, roughly. I am sorry your bath thing is a nightmare. Some nurse literally handed my mother a hot soapy tub with two towels in it and she was able to wash me and my back! Nurses.. Ha! They were least helpful in the cleaning department and my mom changed my underwear and socks everyday, the last day I added sweatpants since the DVR boots were off. I used my orthotic slippers to walk around and kept refusing their stupid slipper socks! I hate those grippy nightmare foot attire! OMG I kill every plant. I got some “long life tulips” in the hospital and they’re already on their way out. Maybe need to be planted- who knows.. Well take care and keep me/us posted!! 🙂

    • You are lucky. I showered my bottom half today. I haven’t wanted to give my boyfriend the job of back washer. besides, my range is pretty good so I can get the bed bath wipes round most of it.
      p.s. In a nice way, glad you also kill plants too. As long as we’re good at looking after ourselves, that’s the main thing right?

  2. You are SUCH A good writer!

    Hannah Pike

    Commercial Director | Food Director I Brand Events, Australia

    Connect via LinkedIn

    New company address & contact details:

    Level 1, 115 Crown St, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010
    Tel: 02 9332 9000 Mob: 0401 834 109

  3. I’m happy to read that you are in better spirits!!! I hope that continues. Oh and kudos to Mr. F for doing a great job supporting you through this process!

    Did you give up on the prune juice or still drinking it? That really did the trick for me, but it took a couple of days (day 5 for me). Are you taking pics daily? If no, I recommend you do this. They come in handy if you think there’s an issue – compare pics from one day to the next. Plus you can add them to your blog if you want to share your progress from that perspective (mine: http://bilateralmastectomy.wordpress.com/my-photos/).

    • Hello. Yes, much better thanks. It’s amazing what a bit of sleep can do.
      The prune juice is out and luckily all has sorted itself out by itself in that department. I was already so full that the prune juice was making me feel even more stuffed and didn’t seem to be doing anything at all!
      I have massive respect to you for taking your pictures daily and sharing them. how did you feel, or does it just feel like a process?
      I’m Ok with looking at them now. Today they look more bruised, but in a healing way, and as i always feel them after my exercises, they feel like little ovens. However, I’m not sure i could do the pics. Maybe when i get home. That and how much my boyfriend will be comfortable with me sharing. A lot of our friends read the blog and I don’t know how comfortable he’d be with me giving them an insight into the new additions. I’d be Ok in time I think, but I’d need to check.
      Have you started your fills yet? How is Dusky? x

      • Glad the bowel situation worked itself out.

        Taking the pics was OK. It initially was’t because I wanted to share … it was just for me to keep track of the healing. I’m glad I did it. I completely get where you are coming from though in regards to sharing.

        No fills for me yet. The last little bit of scab covering Dusky just fell off on Friday (2 months post-op). I go for my 50cc fill on 3/29. I’m excited to finally move forward. Woo hoo!

      • So tomorrow? Good Friday indeed! You must be very excited? Did you have any CC in your expanders post op at all? Or is this the first.
        You must be very patient to have let your scab heal by itself. My right side is looking a little bruised and I think may have some sort of scab. But to be honest, once these lines are out of me, i can at least wear the really padded bra they gave me before they’re ready to receive some saline.
        Massive good luck tomorrow. I’ll look to see if you post and please let me know how it goes? xx

      • Thanks! Yes, I am excited to finally get this show on the road. It was hard leaving that scab alone, but I just kept telling myself that if I disturb it, it’ll take longer to heal. I hope your bruising just goes away and you don’t have any issues!

        They put in 100cc/side at the time of the PBM and we are planning on starting small, so the fill will only be 50cc/side tomorrow. I will definitely post pics.

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