One Down One to Go: Expulsion of a Post-Mastectomy Drain Revealed

Well someone or something has to get out of here at some point. And if it can’t be me, it may as well be my right drain.


After Smeg-Gate yesterday, my fluid secretion on my right-side decreased a lot. Despite 4 Drs telling me it would come out tomorrow, the big honcho, plastic surgeon boss over-ruled them all and ordered it to be expelled immediately!

A couple of things you should know before I go on. Drain-Gate is still in full swing and despite the smeg from my left side becoming much paler in colour, the fluid levels are still pretty high. Even higher than yesterday. So I’m still quite upset about this as it means, as my Drs bugger off for Easter (I don’t know if they all are yet but I reckon they will), I am definitely here until at least Monday, maybe even Tuesday! 12 days! I wouldn’t spend that long on holiday in Port Douglas and I really like that place.

The other thing I need to warn you about is, what you are about to see is pretty gross. I’m not going to go on about it for ages, but the following pictures may upset you,especially if you are currently devouring an Easter Egg. You have been warned.

Expulsion of a Post-Mastectomy Drain Revealed

Low fluid levels… check. Hurrah.


Empty suction ball…check. Gross but yey!


Part of the drain that was very much INSIDE my body – check out the stitch that was attached to my body to see how long it is. It’s about 6 inches. And a real 6 inches gentlemen, thank you very much.


And here, a little bit blurry, is the hole in my arm-pit where the drain resided. Apparently it closes in 24 hours. I said to my lovely nurse, “a bit like a tongue ring?”. She couldn’t confirm or deny this, and to be honest I’m 33, what do I know about tongue rings?


And at the end of all this, I am left with this rather fetching drain bag, currently up for grabs to the highest bidder.



20 thoughts on “One Down One to Go: Expulsion of a Post-Mastectomy Drain Revealed

  1. Woo hoo! Making some good progress.
    … but are you still at the hospital?!? Interesting. Is it just until the drains are out? Over here, we typically stay in for a day or two (until they confirm our bodily functions are in order) and they send us on our way … drains and all. It stinks that you are stuck there :(.

    • I was thinking the same thing as Mogatos. I was out of the hospital with four drains in, removed a few days later in the docs office. It sucks to be stuck there! You must be going crazy! (oh, and I can verify that both a tongue-ring hole and a drain hole will close within a day!)

      • Hello! Happy Easter.
        You guys are US right? In Aus, as a private patient, you stay until the drains run dry.Apparently the breast guys are a little more lenient and would let you go, but the plastic guys are concerned with minimising any risk of infection as far as they can, so they’ll make you stay until the bitter end.
        I wouldn’t mind, but they are also the ones who are less frequent at paying you a visit and seeing how you’re doing.
        Thanks for the confirmation. Have you had both? x

    • Hello. I just read your post on your filling! Great news. How do they feel?
      Yes, i was just saying to bsf, if you are private over here, the plastics guys are like your prison wardens and will keep you here until your drains are at about 20!
      The breast guys will let you go and are more likely to take your drains out earlier. Mine just came in to see me and he was saying he’d kick up a fuss if I wanted him to. But I’m a bit of a wimp and stickler for the rules at times, so I’m waiting until tomorrow. They’re also more willing to simply drain any fluid build up there is after the drains go. Plastics on the other hand don’t like to put foreign bodies in there.
      Goodness. I am currently on day 9 in hospital. They did warn me it would be 8 – 10. I’m praying that tomorrow (Easter Sunday! and day 10!) is going to be D Day. But until that time, I’m just getting comfortable and institutionalised.

      • They feel tight after the fill. Not pain, just pressure. The worst of it was when i woke up this morning. I took a hot shower and did a lot of stretches and now it isn’t so bad.

        I do hope you get to go home soon! Drains are no fun, but having to be stuck at the hospital while you have drains is worse.

  2. i think it has to do with our insurance over here. they want you out of the hospital asap so they can stop paying for you. also, big fear of MRSA. better to be out of the hospital. glad to see you broke free today though!

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