This Week’s Most Amusing Search Terms to My Blog

Smashy and Nicey

My blogging friend’s will know, it’s amazing what search terms drive people to your blog. As someone who works in marketing of sorts, it’s interesting to know that for all the effort you put into SEO etc. the strangest and most random terms will deliver new friends to your door-step.

So as we round of the week, in true chart count-down fashion, I present to you, my favourite search terms…

  1. ‘Send your friend boobs’ (if only it were that simple?)
  2. ‘Tasteful woman sitting topless, legs crossed’ (I’m not sharing my nudie shots, sorry)
  3. Intimacy hot boob play (Ha ha ha. How disappointed he/she must have been on arrival to my blog)
  4. Girls with more than two boobs (Again, this may have made life a little easier)
  5. Meditate on breasts (to help them grow?)
  6. I chopped off a girls breast (A little dark, but thought I’d include)
  7. Rate my chest (not just yet thanks, they’re really not looking their best…)
  8. I will show my boobs on Facebook (I can safely say I won’t. Ever!



6 thoughts on “This Week’s Most Amusing Search Terms to My Blog

  1. I think we could start a very amusing list of search engine terms.. Two other classics I had were … Am I naked under hospital gown and hospital gowns for young ladies!!! Like you I was in hospital over two weeks so my blogs became very hospital orientated hence the searches!!!… Love it….

  2. some of my recent funnier ones: ass chirugry (i had to google that myself), first person boobs, women with deep belly buttons, mom saggy boobs tshirt, and www massage boobs com. some others are just vulgar. guess that’s the price for writing about boobs!

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