Everyday things that are exactly the same since having a mastectomy: #1 Nipple Hair


Before you think I’m disgusting or freak-like, let’s get one thing straight; every woman has nipple hair. Look I found an article to prove it. http://www.tressugar.com/How-Common-Female-Nipple-Hair-2431028

As for myself, it’s not as if I have a mane of hair keeping my areola warm. But there are a couple of stray suckers that I need to tend to from time to time.

Call me naive, but I did think that one of the few plus points of getting my boobs surgically removed would be to say goodbye to my nipple’s lashes.

It appears not.

Now bear with me. I’ve had all my breast, bar some skin and my nipples removed. Blood supply has been severely restricted, causing my poor nipples to cling on for dear life by their imaginary finger nails. The artist formerly known as total eclipse of the nipple, went so black I was ready to wave it goodbye.

What’s more, their senses are dead. The other day Mr F asked if I could feel my nipple. I put my hand to it and confirmed I could. It turns out that I could feel my hand with my nipple, but on closer inspection, I couldn’t feel my nipple with my hand.

I have created the most inhospitable environment known to nipples and despite this, the stray nipple hairs survive!?!

I guess no one really likes change do they.



12 thoughts on “Everyday things that are exactly the same since having a mastectomy: #1 Nipple Hair

  1. i always had a few hairs pre-frankenboobs, but i think they were killed off in all the scraping and whatnot. instead, my new pseudo-areolas, which are made from the skin of my belly, are completely covered with the same very fine hardly visible peach fuzz that covers my whole stomach. of course, it’s completely noticeable to me! and it’s really weird. like you, i cannot fathom how these hairs manage to stay alive even with blood supply! aren’t they traumatized into hiding?

  2. Well, crap. I also, naively thought that once all the surgery was done, I would no longer have to pluck nipple hair. Sigh. I guess, like bsf, I will be looking forward to stomach hairs on my new pseudo-fake boobs.

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