Last week I made a couple of commitments to help me get out of my post-mastectomy fug and cheer the heck up.

They were to;

–          keep my stress levels to a minimum, stop sweating the small stuff and meditate once a week

–          go see a Dr about my painful periods, and

–          be grateful

This week I  have;

–          been ridiculously stressed and not particularly easy to work or live with. I have been impatient with people, snapped at a few others and upset one person (in my defence, I wasn’t mean. I just had to have a difficult conversation with someone, which was upsetting. Still, it’s not nice to see someone upset as a result of something you’ve said)

–          not mediated once. I worked late on the night I was going to go to meditation class.

–          I got my period… It didn’t hurt for two days then BAM. In hospital after the op the nurses would ask me to rate my pain levels on a scale of 1 to 10. I always replied that it was less than my period pain. Mr F has very little sympathy for me as he says I get them every month and know they are painful so I should a) be used to this by now and b) be more prepared and take pain-killers before the pain comes

–          Been miserable and full of ugly self-pity

Progress report? Must do better.

I have all weekend to rectify this situation.

Jobs to do before Sunday evening;

–          Meditate before the end of Sunday if not today? Maybe go to yoga? Whatever, just chill out!

–          Cheer up and stop feeling sorry for myself that I work so hard and woe is me… (Read- smash up my tiny, scratchy violin)

–          Take painkillers repeatedly and think about making an appointment at the Drs at some point before the end of June

–          Smile

I’ll let you know how I go.



  1. One of the best things about life is that you almost always get another chance to do something. Tomorrow is another day. I am also planning to post a mindfulness meditation exercise on my blog tomorrow. And it will only take 5 minutes to do. That might be something to do before Saturday, if you want.

  2. i get terrible migraines during my period. my dr really wasn’t able to do anything about this (sometimes meds work, sometimes not), so instead she suggested taking the pill continuously (no placebo week, so no period) and then take the placebos for a week every three or four months. still got the migraines, but it was only a few times a year instead of every month! now i have a non-hormonal iud which is a whole other special pain. but headed for hysterectomy in december, so my days of period annoyance are limited. hope you get some relief from yours!!

  3. I’m with Elizabeth on this one. In some bad and stressful moments I also tell myself that I should focus on one thing/day at a time. Just get through today and you can start over tomorrow. I hope you are able to find some peace and tranquility this weekend (and pain relief).

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