Well, it’s not so much shaving my armpits, but more, how much of my armpit I can shave.

When I lift my arm to trim my under-hair my expander pops out like an angry soccer ball and constricts 1/3 of my armpit. It’s a section just above where my drains were and it’s nigh-on impossible to get a razor in the crevice.

This leaves me with a patch of hair, not dissimilar to a little goatie beard.

Any suggestions for removing hair from small places, (that isn’t laser- too near the implants, or nose clippers- too humiliating) please send them my way.



  1. What if you were to get in touch with your earthy side and enjoy your new growth? Actually, I know the answer to that. Another option is one of those little clippers used by men to cut nose and ear hair. They aren’t so good for close cutting, but are good for tight spaces. There is a version used by women dealing with facial hair.

  2. Having Orlando Blooms chin in my armpit is something I wouldn’t rush to get rid of lol. Seriously though, I had the same trouble, but after a few weeks of exercises for the mastectomy and expander, and massage on the cording I developed through the armpit after having lymph nodes removed, I was able to lift the arm high enough to get to it. I think in time the Orlando chin was eradicated. Or maybe that was chemo’s doing? I can’t remember. lol

  3. When I wasn’t able to lift my arm well and feel comfortable with a razor. I used Nair Hair removal lotion. With my post-mastectomy exercises I was finally able to get comfortable enough to use a razor.

  4. There are small facial hair removers for women on Amazon. They are super tiny. But I think Lisey may have the right idea in that your range of motion will increase and then you’ll be able to use a regular razor.

  5. A ladies electric razor as you do not have to lift arm all the way up as you don’t have to worry about looking at area… You just push it around everywhere!!! You can lift arm half way up… I have one that is waterproof so you can just do in shower.. Hope that helps

  6. I do like the Orlando photo and reference! 😉
    I saw the electric shaver mentioned a few times. This is what I was told to use, but I’d have to be super-talented to get it in there with how tight it is now! I don’t have an expander, but because of how extensive the ALND was, my armpit looks like a patchwork quilt a 3-year old stitched together. I’ve sworn to them that I won’t use a razor (they made me promise!), but that’s what I try to squeeze in there — rather unsuccessfully, I must add!
    I’ll be interested to see what works for you! Good luck!!!

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