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About two years ago, I discovered I had a genetic mutation, called BRCA2 that means I am predisposed to certain types of cancer. Figures say I could be 60 – 80% more likely to get breast cancer and 20 – 40% more likely to get ovarian cancer in my lifetime. What’s more the types of cancer often associated with this gene fault can often be aggressive and resistant to treatment. My mother was 43 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and 46 when she passed away, my gran died from cancer at the age of 50, as did my uncle from prostate cancer.

So as the saying goes, knowledge is power, and I am using the knowledge I have to try and prolong my life. In a few weeks I will be undergo surgery to have a preventative mastectomy, which will reduce my chances of breast cancer by 90%.

This blog is my way of making send of it all, for me, and anyone else who may stumble across this. I by no means see this as a medical guide for anyone, but it may give some insight into at least one option for women in the same situation.
knowledge is power

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  1. Hi! I’m Melissa and I am still going trough the process of reconstruction from my proph mast. I too started a blog and I had a photographer follow me in ever step of the way in order to help show people exactly what the process looked like. He has been to all appointments and even in surgeries.

    I am a crazy researcher and a bit crazy over all. 🙂 If you have time, please come check my blog out. You might find some nuggets of usefulness.

    Talk soon,

  2. Thank you for following my blog — I am looking forward to reading your story. What a courageous decision. Though it is painful to lose your breasts, life is more important, as you are obviously well aware. I am so sorry for the losses of your mom, gran and uncle. As my son says, “Cancer is a jerk!” He uses nicer language than me. 🙂
    Warmest wishes are with you as you heal…

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