Shopping for a Mastectomy: Part 2

Welcome to the latest installment in the series, ‘Shopping for a Mastectomy: Part 2.’ Otherwise known as my way of asserting some sort of control over my situation through the process of buying things. Now I’m no expert on shopping for a mastectomy, not having had one yet, but I have gained inspiration from my blogging friends laurennicole333 and Mogatos, and I have read A LOT of sources. So whilst some of these items are, I’m sure, very useful for someone undergoing a mastectomy, some may be a little frivolous and nice to haves, not need to haves.

Detachable shower head

Whilst my boyfriend has very kindly offered to hose me down in the garden, I think the best way for me to wash, without getting my bandages and dressings wet, is with this nifty, hand-held device. To be used in the comfort, and privacy of my indoor bathroom.

Check out the picture of someone washing their dog in a bowl. Comforting image for things to come…


Facial wipes

Before the hosing, I’ll be washed with the help of the nurses, a sponge bath and what is also known as a Glastonbury shower.


Dry shampoo

And without the ability to wash, my hair may become increasingly shiny, but I’m afraid that will be down to grease, not healthy vitality.

Dry Shampoo

Instant hand sanitizer

Infection is a real risk me for post-operation so I will be uncharacteristically particular and insist that any visitors, as well as Mr F, sanitize before enjoying my post-operative, drugged up, yet stimulating company.


Digital thermometer

On the subject of infection, chief temperature taker, Mr F, will make sure all is well and I am hopefully staying well within room temperature.


Comfy pants!

I don’t know why, but I am keen to wear brand new knickers, each day, during my stay in hospital. So I have bought 8 pairs of comfy and brightly coloured Bonds underwear for every night I’m in hospital, to brighten up my day.


Ugly pajamas

It makes sense that I’ll need button up pajamas when I’m in hospital as I’m unlikely to be able to lift my arms over my head. However, the majority of button down PJs are toweling  and believe it or not, Australia has a tendency to be hot so toweling is definitely not an option! Outside of that, my options were pretty slim.  None the less, I did find these relatively lightweight, yet ugly pajamasfor just $15 from our trusty Kmart. I have supplemented them with 2 singlets with big arm holes, in case I feel like I need to break out.

However, on first viewing of my night-time apparel, Mr F has insisted I spend a decent amount of money to get real silk pajamas that may stand more chance of a) looking OK and b) letting my skin breathe.


AMAZING slippers of love

Look! They have hearts on them! Something for me to spread the love as I escape from my hospital ward to the posh coffee shops in the private hospital on Level 9. A mere $8 from Target.


Adult sippy cup

This one’s amazing. I don’t even have to tip it and it’s got a special little gizmo in it that cools the water as you drink. Oh, and it’s pink.


So I think I’m pretty much sorted. What’s more, I even managed to tick off another item on my ‘Mastectomy To Do List’, with a fabulous new haircut. Yey me!  I’m going into hospital, not hiding, after all!


Shopping for a Mastectomy: Part 1

One of the many wonderful things about the internet is the ability to connect with other people in similar situations to yourself. For me, I don’t know how I would have navigated this far without the support and advice from the women at Pink Hope And in the few short weeks since I started this blog, I have been lucky enough to come across some brilliant women  at different stages of their own BRCA journey, who are also using a the power of the keyboard to help make sense of the madness.

Planning is one of my strengths (and weaknesses), so it was a fantastic discovery to stumble across this fabulous blog post that outlines what you may need following a prophylactic, bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy… (snap).

Taking inspiration, and not needing much persuasion to go shopping,I decided to start preparing for the weeks after the operation. Starting at the the third item on my blogging friend’s list, heart shaped pillows for each arm pit.  Imagine my joy when I found these two little beauties for a mere $5 each, from the shopping mecca of all things you never knew you needed, Kmart!

heart pillows

I then moved round the store and up to the second item from the master list; over-sized button-down shirts.


Needless to say, my range of movement is going to be limited after the op, so the less I need to lift my arms the better. Both $19 from, you guessed it, Kmart. I wonder if I’ll be able to sell these to Mr F once I’m done with them?

We then move down the list to ‘other clothing’ and, not being a news reader, I’m going to need something baggy and easy to pull on and off, for my bottom half. So, with that exquisite criteria in mind, I opted for these fetching, ill-fitted sweat pants in this season’s gelato colours. Just $15 a piece.


An unexpected $78 later and not an item from Sports Girl in sight, I have begun my post operation preparation.

If you do see anyone walking around Sydney dressed like this,

looking good

please have patience with them.  Their fashion sense is not within their control.